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Yazak is another 3rd Party chat client of yahoo messenger
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Are you feeling lonely, or bored? Why don’t to try to know new people on line with this Chat client? Yazak Chat is another of many chat clients available on the web, only this one is available for free. If you have a Yahoo ID you can immediately start chatting in numerous chat rooms, contacting people from all over the world. If you don’t have a Yahoo ID you can get one right from the very same application, within a few minutes and following simple steps.
Of course, being “free” doesn’t mean that it comes for nothing, only that it comes without spending money. We say this because if you are going to use this chat client you must know that interface is not necessarily nice or comfortable. Long and boring menus decorate the top section of the window, and small almost illegible fonts are used for toolbar buttons. Besides that, the client works just fine providing you with the most commonly used features in chat rooms, such as: use of avatars, private messages, public chat, ghost identity, voice chat, video chat, among others.
Another interesting and convenient characteristic of this client is that it monitors your Yahoo mail inbox, so it will keep you posted if new mail messages arrive. Even more, you’ll be able to check your mails from within the chat client without the need of using another application like your mail client or a web browser.
Yazak Chat is a very lightweight application which runs as a resident application, putting an icon on your system tray. You can use it in the background while you are working or playing a game. It may be necessary to download an extra installer containing some VB runtime files you might need to properly run Yazak Chat. You can start downloading only Yazak Chat client and if when you try to run the application an error message shows up, that will indicate you that you need to download and install the VB runtime files. Don’t worry about it, it’s a very small file to download.

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  • It provides direct download link for required extra VB6 runtime files
  • It supports video chat and voice chat
  • It monitors your Yahoo mail account


  • You need to download and install some VB6 runtime files
  • The interface is neither cute nor comfortable
  • It's available in English only
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